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No joke! I was flat on my back with the COVID-19 virus. Sick for close to two months. When the virus hit, a lot of my clients bailed on me. I needed more clients fast! I also needed a specific type of client. One in a business that wasn’t going under. I needed clients who were willing to spend money in the post-COVID, chaotic economy. I needed to find winners, instead of wasting my time with losers. And, I had only about an hour a day of energy in me to use for work.
They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
I had been experimenting with a radical new way of prospecting at the end of 2019. A way that didn’t require a lot of time. Something I could hand to a low-level outsourcer and let them do. I dusted off my experiment, tweaked it some for the post-COVID world, and set to work.
The results were astounding!

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