Cornona Cleaning Cash Interview Bruce NewMedia

When Bruce NewMedia says that a certain business niche is the “perfect” niche to go into, I pay attention. Bruce has forgotten more about marketing than most of the so-called “gurus” will ever even think about knowing. In this interview, I talk to Bruce about his new product Corona Cleaning Cash. The idea behind this is brilliant, and Bruce has tons of experience with this particular business type, residential and commercial cleaning services. The bottom line is this…After COVID-19, there’s going to be a huge emphasis not only on cleanliness in businesses, but sterilization. (Same’s true for residential cleaning.) With Bruce’s training and marketing materials, you’re going to be perfectly positioned to get easy to find cleaning business clients and help them grow their businesses online. Like I said, Bruce had tons of experience doing this, and he’s exactly the perfect teacher to guide you through this. Notice where in the video he says “give me one day”! All you need is a few hours of Bruce’s instruction, and you’ll be perfectly positioned to get clients and help them grow their businesses thus securing monthly revenue for yourself! This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity!

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