Digital Daycare Agency Interview with David Cassar

My good friend, David Cassar, is a true internet marketing pro. He’s managed over one million dollars of ad spend for his clients. He truly lives the “laptop lifestyle”, roaming the globe at will with his wife and young daughter.

During the COVID-19 crisis, David was sitting at home watching his young daughter participate in a Zoom-based daycare activity with her normal daycare provider. Of course, children couldn’t attend in person. But the daycare facility had the idea of giving parents a break by having online activities suitable for small children, just as they would have if the children had been physically present.

When David saw this, he had one of those “lightbulb” moments. He realized there must be thousands of daycare businesses globally who were hurting and who would be very open to having someone help them set up a digital aspect to their business. Out of all of this came David’s new product called Digital Daycare.

In Digital Daycare, you get everything you need to hit the ground running building a business helping daycare centers not only survive but thrive in today’s post-COVID world. Watch the interview I did with David on this page. You’re going to be amazed at the depth and quality of this training. Get this today, and start building the business of your dreams!

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