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Click that link to watch the interview I did with Jeanne Kolenda about her Veterinary Client Systems. I mentioned this in the video.

As far as one new client every week, it's just a matter of numbers. I've tracked my sales numbers for years now. In the video, I talk about my magic number. You'll need to watch the video to see what that is. But my magic number of a guide that tells me how many people I need to talk to, reach out to, etc, to make something happen. It's amazing to me that the magic number is pretty much always the same, whenever I've measured it.

I also go over a couple of my favorite techniques for finding clients. Don't make this stuff hard! Selling a google My Business service really isn't that difficult. It's just a matter of talking to enough people regularly enough to make sales.

And finally, there's the one-off sale vs the recurring income sale. I think I make a very good case that you'll go broke with one off sales. Recurring income sales is where it's at!

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