How to Use Tube Postr–YouTube Automated Video Marketing Software

Tube Postr, is our new, revolutionary WordPress plugin that builds your website’s content for you. Every time you upload a new YouTube video to your channel, Tube Postr takes that video, the date it was posted, the description, the thumbnail, and even its tags and creates a post on your blog.

You can post this content anywhere: posts, pages, or even custom post types. You can bulk download all the content in your channel to your blog all at one time. Tube Postr even puts a subscribe button at the end of each post on your blog so that your visitors are encouraged to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You can use Tube Postr with your own YouTube channel or anyone else’s. With Tube Postr you can build huge blogs full of click worthy content fast. Tube Postr is incredibly easy to install, and will work on any self-hosted WordPress website. The only requirements for using Tube Postr is having a self-hosted WordPress website.

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