Making LinkedIn Work Again : A New Way to Get Business From LinkedIn

Over the past year or so, LinkedIn has changed their algorithms so much that what used to work, no longer works nearly as well. You still have to build your connections and reach out to them. You still have to be active on the platform doing thinks like Happy Birthdays, and all that stuff. But JUST doing that is no longer enough to get a ton of business off the platform as we used to.

Today, it's all about content marketing and branding. Marketing, for lack of a better word. But even that has become harder.

I've cracked the code though, as you'll see in this video. I made a simple experiment with two posts that were virtually identical. One got just a few views, the other went viral!

It wasn't how I posted the post, it wasn't the wording, or the links in the post that did this.

I'd love to show you how I did this and how you can, too. Really, anyone at any stage of competence can make this happen!

Click that link right there and register for my webinar. (If the webinar time and date have passed, then click the link anyway and you'll be taken to a page where you can watch a replay and also have a way to reach out to me with questions.)

On that webinar, I'm going to reveal the whole thing! You're going to learn my insider secret that I've been leveraging to get over a thousand views of my posts and clients' post.

Cool beans! See you on the webinar, or at least the replay!


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