Social Entrepreneur 365 Jeanne Kolenda Lee Cole Interview and Bonuses

Before you do anything, check out this interview I did with Jeanne Koleanda a few days ago. I’ve watched Jeanne build a six-figure, completely autopilot business selling local businesses her passive Facebook social media posting service. Jeanne’s got over a hundred customers now. Each is paying her at least $99 per month to have her post social media memes appropriate to their business on their Facebook page. The posting helps their business massively. And, guess what? Because of the price point, she’s never had a customer drop out. Not even during the COVID-19 virus! The best part of this whole thing is software does all the fulfillment work. It only takes Jeanne about two hours per customer to set them up. After that, software runs the whole thing, forever!

In Jeanne’s new Social Entrepreneur 365 training, she gives you everything you need to get going with this business. Not only does she give you an entire year’s worth of new memes, but she’s also giving you all the training you need to get rolling with this and easily and quickly build your own social media posting business. I’m behind this business and her training 100%. So much so that I’m offering you a whole slew of money-making bonuses if you purchase this through my link today!

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