TXTVideo Walk Through Bonuses — Video Marketing Tutorial


As you can see, I’ve used my “Show and Sell” method over the years to make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling super simple products to local businesses. In this example above, I show you how you can create a really new and unique style of Text Video using a very inexpensive app called TXTVideo. (Click the link below to read the sales letter.) Here’s what I’d do to get rolling with this. a: Create a few example videos aimed at the types of businesses you want as clients. b: You can use email, or LinkedIn, or heck just get in your car and visit offices in your local area and “Show and Sell”! Just ask to see the owner/manger, show them the video on your phone, and ask them if they’d like a similar video made for their business. In one day of prospecting, you’ll get more clients than you need for the whole week.

So, purchase TXTVideo today, implement my super simple sales plan, and start building a real business today!

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