Effortless Google News Formula Luther Landro Walk Through Review


When I started my own offline business, over five years ago now, I was just interested in making money. That's a good attitude, by the way! Keeps you focused on the target. I've done well for the past several years though with my business, and now my focus is changing to making money in ways that are more passive, more auto-pilot.

Yesterday, Luther Landro released some new training called Effortless Google News Formula. This is a really neat workaround you can use to rank web pages on page 1 of Google pretty easily. Not only that, but it's a way you can create a niche website that gets a lot of traffic and ranks well without spending a massive amount of time and money backlinking and creating other assets like pbn's (private blog networks).

Given my focus on passive, auto-pilot income, I'm sure you can see why I was so keen on checking out Luther's new training!

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