MicroServices Mania Interview and Bonuses Jeanne Kolenda


I’ve watched Jeanne Kolenda build a mid-six figure business from scratch over the past couple of years doing what she calls “microservices” for businesses. These are simple services that you can automate, but that businesses need and are very willing to pay for. Jeanne’s created a few products over the past couple of years teaching others how to do these businesses. This new one, MicroServices Mania is her best and most comprehensive. In MicroServices Mania you’re going to learn exactly what services to offer businesses, how to find clients, how to sell those clients, and how to easily scale this business using software. Jeanne makes a great income, but (here’s what’s really crazy), she works only part-time! If this interests you, watch the interview video above, and then click the “Next Step” button below to be taken to the sales letter. Note: In this product, Jeanne focuses on the Tree Services industry. What you’re going to learn, though, you can use for any industry out there!

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